70 Years of Struggle and Achievement: Life Stories of Ethnic Minority Women in Wales

Heritage Lottery Fund Project


The stories of women from Wales’ minority communities are seldom heard. This project reveals how Black, Asian, and other ethnic minority women have built lives in Wales and made significant contributions to Welsh society. Our focus is on the life stories of ethnic minority women who were born or have settled in various parts of Wales since 1948. This oral history, collected in both audio and audio-visual forms and complemented by family photos, will form the basis for a book, DVD, website, and an archive. It will be made accessible to a wide audience via the Peoples’ Collection. The women featured include some from long settled often mixed families and others who have come from various parts of South and East Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Some arrived as migrant workers, others as refugees, students or the wives of students. Their life experience is an important part of the history of multi-ethnic Wales and helps chart social changes since the1950s. 

Individual stories testify both to struggle against the odds and to the remarkable contribution that minority women have made to many sectors of Welsh society.



Prof Meena Upadhyaya

Volunteer Project Co-Director


Prof Chris Weedon

Volunteer Project Co-Director


Nasia Sarwar

Project Volunteer Coordinator


Dr. Adeola Dewis

Audio Interviewer


Divya Parikh

Project Manager

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Kirsten Eve Lavine

Interview Editor and Transcriber

Fleeting Moments of Inspiration
As a part of this project, we have attempted to capture fleeting moments in the expansive, immersive, and inspiring lives of 16 exemplary women. We hope these will give you a peek into their world and give you something the world can never get enough of, hope.

Working under the constraints of Covid19, we have had to rethink our volunteering strategy and are looking for additional volunteers who are able to work from their own homes. 

Our project tells the stories of women from different communities with diverse experiences who offer engaging and affirming role models. It encompasses the lives of women born here and women who have settled in Wales. Their stories variously cover growing up in Wales, migration to Wales, overcoming obstacles and making positive contributions to Wales. 

We would like you to help us with the following tasks:

•    Editing life story transcripts for the web, publication and podcasts
•    Preparing photos for publication using Photoshop 
•    Turning extracts from recorded life stories into podcasts

In becoming involved, you will help us produce a book and content for our webpages.

If you are interested in helping please contact us on emwwaa5@gmail.com

We would like to thank all National Lottery Players without whose support this project would not be possible.

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